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alt textIntroduction ArcticROOS-annual-Nov2017-1.ppt1.99 MBIntroductory presentation (Stein Sandven)
alt textAnnual-meeting Minutes.pdf704.45 KBMinutes and actions from the Annual meeting (Stein Sandven)
alt textlist-participants-2017.pdf76.96 KBParticipants at the Annual meeting
alt textFCOO-2017ArcticROOS.pptx7.51 MBPresentation by Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography (Niels Holt)
alt textEuro-Argo_ArcticROOS-2017.pptx15.55 MBPresentation by Euro-Argo (Grigor Obolensky)
alt textEuroGOOS-Arctic ROOS-2017.pptx29.49 MBPresentation by EuroGOOS Office (Partick Gorringe)
alt textEMODnetPhys-ArcticROOS-2017.pptx30.23 MBPresentation by EuroGOOS Office (Patrick Gorringe)
alt textFMI-ArcticROOS_2017_FMI.pdf7.24 MBPresentation by Finnish Meteorological Institute (Jari Haapala)
alt textUIB_ArcticROOS-2017.pptx17.04 MBPresentation by Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen (Ilker Fer)
alt textIMR_ArcticROOS_2017.pptx13.15 MBPresentation by IMR (Vidar Lien)
alt textIOPAS_ArcticROOS-2017.pptx7.28 MBPresentation by Institute of Oceanology - IOPAS (Waldemar Walczowsky)
alt textBensi_Arctic ROOS_2017.pptx14.43 MBPresentation by Manuel Bensi, 1OGS – Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, Italy,
alt textBertino_ARC_MFC.pptx29.57 MBPresentation by Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center - Arctic Marine Forecasting Center (Laurent Bertino)
alt textNIVA-ArcticROOS-2017_Final.pptx21.5 MBPresentation by Norwegian Institute of Water Research (Kai Sørensen)
alt textMet-no_ArcticROOS-2017.pptx30.77 MBPresentation by Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Graig Sutherland)
alt textSAMS ArcticROOS-2017g.pptx7.42 MBPresentation by Scottish Association of Marine Science (Finlo Cottier, not present)
alt textUniv-Bremen-ArcticROOS-2017.ppt11.7 MBPresentation by University of Bremen, Institute of Environmental Physics (Georg Heygster, not present)
alt textNorArgo_Arctic_ROOS_nov2017.ppt10.26 MBPresentation of NorArgo - a new infrastructure project in Norway (Vidar Lien)
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